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Jesse Jack - Thinking of You
Monday, February 16, 2015
Jesse Jack grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Jesse’s musical drive began in high school when he and his band Splint won a contest and wrote the theme song for a new Pfizer drug.

In 2006 Jesse performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival's Big Event, where he shared a stage with Elvis Costello, Daniel Lanois, Sam Roberts, Colin James, Bedouin Soundclash and Holly Cole, just to name a few.

Jack had planned to become a doctor, and earned a bachelor of science. However, following his success on the stage, he decided to concentrate on his musical talents. After a writing stint for some of the music industries finest artists, Jesse Jack returned to Montreal.

Jack has performed the lead vocals, recorded and toured nationally and internationally for various bands such as Shotgun Highway, Treble Effects, Transcend and most recently Honor First (previously Heavens Fire). This was when Jack saw the value of using musical success to benefit charitable work; he and the various bands contributed to the efforts of Rose Carty, CEO of Music for Life Concerts, and Larry Day, organizer of Starlight Foundation’s summer concert series.

Mid 2014 Jesse Jack began writing for his much anticipated solo EP Perseverance. The first single is “Thinking of you” released late Dec. 2014. The EP is slated for release in late Spring 2015.

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