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Hey readers!

I was hanging with a friend the other day who was totally hyping up this Australian band called Dead Letter Circus.. I thought "Ok cool- new music!" then I realized this band has been around for 10 years, which made
From the "Òne Step" video.
me think about all the crappy music the mainstream Canadian radio stations have been pumping our shriveling brains with.  Definitely glad I finally found out about them, but angers me that Canadian standards of radio are so beyond sub-par.

This is where Jamsterdam Radio comes in- to play fresh music where you wouldn't hear it on the mainstream radio A) because it's different from what you'd normally hear on the unnamed mainstream stations B) because even if we've played a couple of shitty tunes in the past, most of our music is damn good, and will only get better C) with the team's different music tastes, together we know and understand the meaning of "good music", regardless of genre.

I know there are some Toronto radio stations (which will remain nameless here) that claim to have the best indie music... but literally, they've mainly been playing all these folk-type bands who try too hard to sound exactly like a crossbreed of Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, and Of Monsters And Men, on loop, that I find the music and bands played these days all interchangeable.

Bands like Dead Letter Circus have that sound you can hear on mainstream American radio stations, and that is what makes me feel homesick when I get full reception of those stations while closer to the CanAmerican border, because American rock stations kind of rule.

I know this band has a pretty big following, so they're not exactly considered "indie" or "Unknown", but like a lot of other bands out there, they're underrated and deserve more recognition for their contribution towards the music playing in the airwaves.

Anyway, on that note, I`ll leave you with a video from 4 years ago that I should`ve heard 4 years ago, but instead heard for the first time last night.  Enjoy!

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