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Online Superiority Complexes
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Hey readers!

  Lately, I've noticed an online trend of people stating how others should live their lives, based on their own standards.  It is absolutely ridiculous when I see things like:

      - "If you listen to this kind of music, you're a loser"
      -"If you're not living life the way I am, you're not living"
      -"If you use this app, you're a lonely asshole"
      -"If you make less than x amount per year, you're nothing but a waste of perfectly good oxygen us important folk need to get through our real money making days #balling"
       -the attitudes of "I'm better than you are because I'm best friends with <Insert a slew of name-droppage here>", or "I'm better than you are because I just dropped $2,300.00 on a bag to lug my useless shit in... so here's a pic of my purchase because I'm so cool and materialistic like that", or "I'm such an open-minded, liberal pro-choicer, yet having a baby isn't one of my choices... pro-life people are just a bunch of bible-thumping, conservative idiots who make me want to eat my own vomit"
       -"If your body type is like this <Insert photo of undesired body type here>, you're not good enough for me"
       -"If you post this, that, and the other thing, that my holier-than-thou-ass-whose-shit-don't-stink considers 'classless' and 'below me', I'm threatening to delete you off my social networking", etc...

  When was online bullying okay?  Who died and made you the Gods that dictate all that other people
Just like logging into social networking...
choose to do with their own time?  Why can't people have their own standards of living happily without you shitting on their parade?  It's one thing to speak your mind especially when your opinion will actually benefit the greater good, but it's another when you speak your mind, while in the process of trying to make those online who see the shit you post feel inadequate, just to make you feel better about your pathetic life.  Makes me think there's a void you're trying to fill in your own life by putting others down.

  Were you bullied real bad in the past, and so you have to take it out on the world?  Is this superiority complex you to struggle with here to stay?  Is this "I'm better than you in every way" attitude the norm, and we have to embrace and accept it?  If you think any of this is acceptable behavior, you are precisely what is wrong with the world.

That is all.


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