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Hey readers!
The Dirty Nil @ Masonic Lodge. Photo c/o Jersey Girl in Canada

  It's been a while since I have been to Streetsville, Ontario, but I went back just to see Bike Thiefs play new tunes with their new drummer, as well as check out the other bands, who I've never heard of before this past Friday.

  The first thing I noticed was that it was an all ages event with no booze... alrighty then.  It was mainly a venue full of teenagers, many who didn't seem to believe in the concept of wearing deoderant or (bathing for that matter), then a few of us slightly older folk.  The many aromas of B.O. festered through the room, mixed in with the humidity from teenagers dancing around and moshing all night.

  It was kind of weird for the first minute until I opened my ears to the stage and listened to the opening band play- they were awesome- had this experimental/old school kinda vibe to their sound (I'm still learning how to explain this genre of music, as it's been new to me since I first heard the band formerly known as The Bukkakes a few months ago).  If you want to hear what I'm talking about, check out Denim Skeletons on the Jamsterdam Top 10 Countdown at 10 am EST or midnight EST!   They closed their set covering the "Bop It" tune, in a Devo-esque fashion.  It was pretty damn sweet.  They were giving away copies of their EP where each had a different CD cover- I chose the sexiest one I could see on the merch table.  Shout outs to the cutie who was passing around their stickers in the crowd- I believe she's the girlfriend of the guy in the band with the incredible long locks (if
Denim Skeletons EP: Each has its own original cover. Mine's sexy.
you're reading this, dude: keep the hair!)

  Two other bands played after Denim Skeletons- one of them had this lead singer who was crowd-surfing and getting into mini fistfights with some of the members of the audience.. I thought he was going to punch everyone he saw out as he finished the set and stormed out, but I'm guessing it was part of the show??  I may be too old for this kind of thing... and I'm not actually old yet, so... it was entertaining though!  I swear someone also covered "The Twist" some time in the night as well.

  Next up was Bike Theifs- they played some familiar tunes, as well as new material off their latest EP entitled "Bloated".  Their energy was fantastic and their new drummer, Eric completed and complimented that vibe.  Best Bike Thiefs show I've seen thus far!  Lead singer, Marko Woloshyn cracked some jokes in between tunes, so when they were just about to close their set, he said something about covering a Chris Isaak song.  I thought he was kidding around until I heard the intro... my jaw dropped to the ground!!  It has been hard for me to find a good, solid  "Wicked Game" cover (even on YouTube), and I have never heard one before until Friday night. Bike Thiefs: You fucking nailed it.  Sexiest. Cover. Ever.  NOTE: If someone has video footage of this, please post it up on YouTube- it's gotta be seen by everyone!

Band stickers. I dig.
  The headlining band was Dundas-based band, The Dirty Nil- I've never heard of them before, but I was glad I stuck around to see them play.  They have that "Rock 'N' Roll" sound where you have the dancefloor option to mosh or grab a partner and swing them around.  Again- new to me, but I dig this, big time.

  Overall, it was a pretty good night- went outside to spit on the sidewalk a few times, as I felt like I had evaporated sweat stuck in my teeth from inside the venue, but definitely a great night for live music.  Would definitely highly recommend seeing the mentioned bands play live!


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