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Hey readers!

I've had the opportunity to interview one of Bronx, NY's hottest up-and-coming rap artists, Mr. Klutch!  He is one of the many talented artists to collaborate with Kaiyzer on the Global Takeover Mixtape.  Check it out:

Mr. Klutch
JGIC: What inspired you to get into music? 
MK: Music has always been a passion of mine. I listen to music religiously and never really leave my house without some source of music bumping in my earphones. Growing up for most of my life although I wanted to get into the NFL and play football professionally, Michael Jackson was always and will always be my #1 role model in life. His talent, work ethic & execution were all things that I admired to the fullest and made me honestly believe that anything was possible. He is my main inspiration because of how many lives he impacted & that is the kind of impact I want my music to have.
JGIC: How did you start? 
MK: I started writing and recording in high school when my friend brought me to his cousin’s house who had a home studio. Before that I had no idea how to record music but after that moment I started to slowly realize that it is very possible. After that I’ve been writing and perfecting my skills. Because I was still into football, I didn’t start to take music seriously until I was forced back home from Penn State due to financial issues, despite my good grades while majoring in Nuclear Engineering . This gave me the inspiration I needed because now I actually had a worthy story to tell and hopefully will be able to prevent things like this from happening to other people in the future.
JGIC: How did you find Kaiyzer to collaborate on projects? 
MK: I met Kaiyzer very randomly through twitter. I saw him tweeting that he was putting together the “Kaiyzernomics” project with multiple artists. It seemed to me like a small opportunity for exposure and I have always been the type to jump at every opportunity when I dedicate myself to something to I tweeted him and after he heard my music it was history from there!
JGIC: What are your top 3 fondest moments being an artist? 
MK: Number 1 would have to be getting the opportunity to work with the Legendary Kool Keith of the Ultramagnetic MC’s. I met him at a studio I was interning at after I had graduated from a 9 month Audio Engineering program at the Institute of Audio Research in June 2013.
Number 2 would have to be seeing the success of Kaiyzernomics and all of the opportunities that followed it. Some of these are still in the works so I can’t say exactly what they are but things are looking pretty good as of right now.
Number 3 would have to be just working on my first official mixtape “Guard Ya Beat”. There were so many moments during the writing process where I shocked myself with the lyrical content. There is so much wordplay and a broad scope of Hip Hop. I made masterpieces out of instrumentals from pretty much every Hip Hop era and actually executed them to their maximum potential. I can’t wait to finally release hopefully in mid-december.
JGIC: What do you find is the toughest part of being an artist?
MK: The toughest part of being an artist nowadays is just dealing with the lack of exposure because the game is so flooded nowadays. We have to devote so much time to marketing and other tactics in order to see some type of success and its harder to just focus on the music until you have a whole team behind you handling that stuff and you can afford to pay them.
JGIC: Favorite artists?  
MK: My favorite artist of all time of course is Michael Jackson. But when it comes to Hip Hop the 5 I’ve admired the most so far are Eminem, 50 cent, Jay-Z, Big L, and a new rapper by the name of King Los.
JGIC:  I have seen one too many musicians with jealous girlfriends because the stereotype about musicians is that chicks dig them, so of course, there would be potential for groupies hanging around them. If you are/were in relationships, how would you deal with groupies? 
MK: If I was in a relationship I would do my best to make sure my woman understands that she is number one in my life and hopefully she would be strong enough to believe me and always try to make things work. I never really had commitment issues but then again I’ve never dealt with “groupies” or especially women on that level. We all do make mistakes but all I can do is my best to stay away from all of that and focus on my music and my lifetime goal which has always been to change lives and have my existence be beneficial to this world.
JGIC:  If you could form a “dream tour” with any musicians of your choice, deceased or living, who would you choose? 
MK: It sounds crazy but if I had the chance I could make this happen. I would go on tour with Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Beyonce, Eminem, TLC, 50 cent, Big L, King Los and my whole 4th Quarter team and give the fans of Hip-Hop/R&B and Pop something they have never seen and probably will never see again.
JGIC: Any shout outs? 
MK: I just want to give a shout out to Kaiyzer and DJ Mr Phantastik for working with me. We all just put together the new compilation “The Global Takeover” and released it on on Halloween 2013. You can download that here

I was an executive producer as well as mixing/mastering engineer and featured on 4 tracks! I also want to give a shout out to my team 4th Quarter we’re about to make some big moves lots of fresh, dope music coming very soon!
JGIC:  Anything else you would like to add? 
MK: I will be dropping a huge radio single very soon! Definitely watch out for that one, I am scheduling shows for it as we speak. Follow me on my social media accounts for more info.
 You can check my music out on and follow on twitter & Instagram @Official_Klutch

My first official mixtape “Guard Ya Beat” has a tentative release date of December 17, 2013. Stay tuned for that follow me on twitter for updates. You can alway “like” my facebook page “Mr Klutch”
My official website is coming soon it will be

JGIC: Thank you, Mr. Klutch for taking the time for this interview!  Looking forward to hearing more from you!

For more music from Mr. Klutch, tune in here on Jamsterdam Radio!

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