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Hey readers!

  This TedxTalks speaker, Jeff Gray, who is a Child Development Advisor based out of Calgary, AB, explains this concept of expert sharing amongst educators, even from outside their school, to ensure students are being counseled properly, without extra costs from school budgets.  

  This kind of passion for educators to help students, no matter what the child's financial or mental situation,
Mobile photo by Stephanie Smart c/o Jeff Gray. 
get the optimal help they need in order to attend school with confidence, as well as no problematic distractions from graduating and focusing on school.  It was perfect timing for this talk to be posted, for it being National Bullying Prevention month, I believe more members of the education systems out there can be more proactive in ensuring every student is counseled, accommodated and cared for, if needed, in the care of faculty.

  Jeff shares some of his personal stories in this video, and rather than telling you all that he says, check out the video!  It's quite inspiring what he has gone through, and what he has accomplished in his life.

  When I was in high school, a lot of the teachers acted like they cared about the students, and some actually did, but there was quite a number of faculty members that are just there because it's their job and didn't seem like they actually cared to be there, at times, making students feel they had no one to turn to if their favorite guidance counselor was absent.  This feeling of loneliness is what drives a lot of children to do drugs, get drunk, smoke cigarettes, or take their own lives.  Taking the steps to prevent these compulsive habits should be top priority for, not just educators, but everyone.  Expert sharing is just one major step I believe would benefit every school and every student out there in the fight against bullying, as well as encouraging character building for those who need help.

  More educators out there could learn a thing or two about leading by example to teach compassion, as well as helping each other out without expecting extra monetary rewards, recognition, or benefits for spreading good will for the sake of humanity.  I honestly believe this attitude should be an automatic prerequisite for working with youth anyways.  If this were the case, maybe there would be less bullying because it's all of a sudden cool to put your heart on your sleeve?  I think it is, anyways. 

*Side note: Educators in Calgary are apparently young, good-looking, pierced guys who play guitar and care about the welfare of their students.  I had to point that out for my lady readers.  You're welcome.

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