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Hey Readers!

I know there are tonnes of channels on YouTube that some may think would make a girl's list of faves like the ones with hair/makeup/nails tutorials, or fashion hauls.  As much as I do watch those from time-to-time, and I've even subscribed to some, my faves aren't really related to esthetics, but more connected to topics we, at times, are disconnected from due to the distractions of the superficial.

Here are my current fave YouTube Channels:

1.) TedTalks

  This channel shows videos of people from different parts of the world who march to the beat of their own drummer and address new and different ideas, express their thoughts, and educate others to inspire viewers to open their minds.  Our society today is very diverse, though the majority usually doesn't think outside of the box.  This channel is great for the open-minded to show they're not alone, and for those who want to be more open-minded.  It's a channel that really makes you think.

2.) Abdul Mohammed

  Abdul is an American-based business coach who shares his own business experiences,  provides viewers tips on how to start up their own businesses the smart way, as well as gives advice on how to stay debt-free without sacrificing a comfortable way of life.  He also pounds logic into people's minds with every video he uploads.  With all these people in North America who have self-inflicted debt, this is a channel I would highly recommend.  He's a fantastic motivational speaker.

3.) Malitose79

  This channel is made by a down-to-earth and relatable Canadian mother and wife, who shares her tips and tricks on how to organize your home without spending a load of money.  Her frugal and easy approach to organizing her home and life makes her tips very accessable for those who want to declutter and organize their lives without breaking the bank.

4.)  ZuzkaLight

  Zuzana Light is a fitness personality who shows her favorite workouts that, with having the right equipment, you can achieve her rockin' body right in the comfort of your own home, no matter how little room you have!  She shares some healthy diet tips as well.  Besides sharing her healthy lifestyle choices, she's easy on the eyes- I'm sure a lot of her subscribers are just men watching her work out in skimpy outfits.  For us women, she's inspiring and very empowering.

5.)  AllNatural28  

  I love learning about natural home remedies that you can find in your own kitchen.  For one, it's healthier than buying all these products that contain harmful ingredients, and secondly, it's cost-effective, as you do not have to buy all of these other products, as well as buying storage for these extra products.  This channel shows you how to treat everything from home beauty remedies to how to cure a hangover- the natural way!

6.) Cooking With Dog

  No, it's not a channel that shows you different recipes on how to cook a dog- it's a channel where a lady in Japan cooks delicious and easy Japanese meals while her dog, Francis, "narrates".  It's actually really cute and funny.  I've tried cooking a few of her dishes at home and this channel makes it easy to cook with the step-by-step instructions- even for those who have major kitchen phobia. No excuses- you can cook.  Just try it!

7.) WalzRantz

  Last, but certainly not least, WalzRantz.  If you have been listening to Jamsterdam Weekly at 6pm EST right here on Jamsterdam Radio, you know this guy.  He has always been one to put out his honest opinions and he's hilarious!  He goes off about daily life, media topics and sports.  If you have a sense of humor and you're a logical thinker, you'll like his channel!


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