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1.) Canadians should just leave the reality t.v. shows to Americans- Canadians just copy the hell out of everything.  Prime example- The Real Housewives of Vancouver- craziest bitches I've ever seen on t.v.- in all the most unflattering ways- especially Jodi and Ronnie.  

The Real Housewives of Vancouver
  This group of raging, menopausal psychopaths may have more botox, lip injections, and other work done, than The Real Housewives of Orange County. The difference is, their Southern California counterparts live closer to the best plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Garth Fisher in Beverly Hills, where he believes in making his clients look as natural as possible and would turn clients away if the answer to his question, "Why do you want plastic surgery?" is a stupid one.  

Soon enough, Canadians will be more hated than Americans if we keep shit like this up. 

2.) The rapper, Drake used to be known as Aubrey Graham aka "Jimmy" from Degrassi: The Next Generation, you know, while he was living in Forest Hill, an affluent Toronto community where he supposedly 'started from the bottom'.  

Aubrey "Drake" Graham, as Jimmy in Degrassi
  I've been a Degrassi fan since Snake, Joey Jeremiah, Caitlin Ryan, and Spike were in high school on the show when I first immigrated to Canada from New Jersey. I still watch the occasional new episode, and I've noticed a lot of the cast just happened to be musicians of some sort... following in Drake's footsteps much?  

  I saw a few of them being interviewed on Much Music and one of the new guys basically admitted one of his idols is Drake...that's nice and all, but for some reason, I was embarrassed for him when he said that.  Could just be me.  Love the show, but never again will I be inspired to watch another interview on t.v. featuring the cast of Degrassi.

3.) Guys: Just because you own a guitar, write songs, and have enough mediocre talent to play random shows here and there at the local pub, doesn't entitle you to have the "I only date models and model-esque chicks" mindset.  

  If I pretty much just described you, you aren't considered a "rockstar"- you're considered a pathetic douchebag who owns a guitar, and lures air-headed, herpes-infected groupie-types (at times, also known as "bar-stars") in with the fact you were behind the mic or on stage.  
Someone saved me the trouble and made this meme before I did.
  The truth hurts like a kick in the balls, doesn't it?  Don't quit your day job. I hope girls reading this know to stay the hell away from guys like this... or at least have the decency to double-wrap it.

4.) I'm sick and tired of being around/hearing people who claim to have goals in life, but prefer to sit their on their asses and pray for a miracle to happen, as they bitch and complain how much their lives suck.  Whether your goal is to lose some weight, or land your dream career, you have to be prepared to make some sacrifices in life to reach your goals, as well as make some moves to achieve the steps to reach your desired goals.

  For example, I'm trying to tone up and burn fat.  Last week, my sister, my brother-in-law and 3 of my nephews stayed over from California. The kids had certain things they liked eating, so those foods were in the fridge.  I can be a dick and blame them all day and all night for my lack of willpower when I'm around croissants or bacon (my faves I never eat anymore), but it was all my fault.  My moment of weakness gained control over me, and I must have gained a few inches in fat because of it.  

  I'm disappointed in myself for not sticking to my healthy diet, but I actually don't regret it- always awesome to see my family who I never get to see and enjoy their company, along with sinfully delicious snacks. I usually behave, so I don't really feel bad... though this week I'm going to make up for it by hitting the gym like a mad woman!  Next time I have family over, I hope I have more willpower though.  

  It's perfectly normal to have a moment of weakness- we are human.  We just need to work on strengthening our willpower to stay on track to meet those goals faster.

5.) Not to offend anyone, but some of the biggest Bible-thumpers out there are the first to judge other people, which is against the teachings of the Bible.  I was born and raised Catholic, as well as joined a Christian youth group when I was 16 (for less than 6 months), and growing up I became more spiritual than religious. This statement isn't some ignorant bullshit I pulled out of my ass; this is 20-something years of sitting back and watching these "Holier than thou" folks live a double-life right before my eyes.  There is good and bad in every social group out there- just watch who you trust.

6.) Yes, so far in this blog I sound like I watch too much t.v., I'm unsupportive of my fellow Canadians in the entertainment business, and I'm probably a raging bitch in real life.  Cool- think that.  

  Truth is, regardless of what I just wrote above, my seemingly-contradictory point is that a lot of Canadians (especially in the Toronto area) aren't really supportive enough of each other's talents until the artist is famous.  That's when people start taking notice and hop on the bandwagon...maybe even join the band's street team.  

  My theory is, maybe it's the artist's approach about their talent?  Not all, but I've noticed quite a number of people in the Toronto area act like they're cooler than they actually are.  Whether you're an artist, or anything else, people usually don't respond too well to arrogance and cockiness; if it seems like people are cool with it, they might actually be faking their interest in you talking so highly of yourself, just to get through the painful conversation without coming off as an overly-sensitive ass. 

  Maybe some artists are not likable as people, but are very talented.  I've seen it happen in recent months.  Shitty attitudes can be tolerated only for so long.  I know one's talent shouldn't be ignored because of one's horrible personality, but that's just the way it is sometimes. 

It really does.  I never watched this show, though.
  Being out and about, and even over the years being on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc., I've found that there are way too many talented local artists that have gone undiscovered.  It really makes me wish I had my own talent agency or record label so I could scoop these talents up and make them famous.  I wish!  But then knowing how I am, I have a very low bullshit tolerance and if I notice someone's being fake, I'd just kick them out of the agency and keep maybe a grand total 3 artists on my roster.

  Luckily, my buddy, Jay, the founder of Jamsterdam Radio, started this awesome station to help indie artists gain exposure at no cost for the artists!  Being part of his team has been truly a blessing so far, as the bands/artists I've found either at shows, through friends, open mic nights on Tuesdays at Cuchulainn's, or on social networking sites, sound great on the station, and I truly do look forward to these artists make it big so the music industry will stop being such a joke in the mainstream (ahem, Justin Bieber, Nickelback, Drake, One Direction, etc..).  

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