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Boycott the Best Buy Bullies!
Sunday, July 7, 2013
Hey readers!

  I was on Facebook the other day, and am following a page called "Boycott the Best Buy Bullies".  I know- you wouldn't expect there to be bullies at a place where some of the staff are known as "the Geek Squad", but this is the story I (with permission) pulled from the "About" section on the page:



Join my group, to bring me Justice for a wrongful accusation
Best Buy Canada Accuses me of Stealing!
Help me fight this Bully!!
The Long Short of it is:

Two Years ago I walked into the best Buy at Sherway Gardens to buy headphones. They didn't have the ones I wanted in stock
so I went to another location and bought them. Two weeks later the cops are at my house, saying an employee at the North Queen location witnessed, on video, my stealing an Ipod cover case. I didn't steal anything. I tried to clear the whole mess up but they acted with no evidence and tried to process me as a criminal.

Some: Finger Printing, headaches, time wasting, money spending (Lawyer's fees $2850) later....I HAVE BEEN AQUITTED!
Best Buy Canada does not feel they are responsible for the injustice they served me, not to mention the exasperation and headaches.

On this Page I will put all the evidence for my case, so that you my friends and supporters will see how ridiculous and unfounded this
accusation was.
General information
I will continue Boycotting this location & starting Monday July 8th I will be picketing.
Join me there or Join my cause and STOP you support of this Company until they have rectified their mistake.

After all, if it happened to me, it could happen to you.

Kyle Sterling Davidson"


  Kyle, the owner of the page, as well as the victim of this nonsense, has taken the liberty to post the said "Evidence" against him on the page.  I think the Best Buy employee should be at least counter-sued for falsely reporting a theft, because if you took a look at the video on the page, I don't see Kyle doing anything wrong.  

  Secondly, since when was it legally acceptable for cops to lack evidence for a theft, go to the "suspect's" house two weeks after the said crime and make arrests or process someone as a criminal?  Kyle had no criminal record before this.  I guess the cops really wanted to meet their quota that day, you know, because arresting someone without solid evidence is really worth losing their badges over.  

  I always thought that when people steal, if they're caught red-handed while still in the store, or leaving the store with an unpaid item, the employee catches them, calls the cops, then they deal with it in the store- not two weeks later at the "suspect's" house?  How did they even know where he lives?  This is a clearly a suspicious case and I don't understand how or why it has gone on for this long when there are real criminals to catch, like people on high on Bath Salts to worry about who are roaming the streets.. but then again, Toronto's mayor has been rumored to be on crack (I know- insert debate about it here), and Mississauga's 90-year-old mayor's family member drunk drives and barely gets a slap on the wrist, so I'm not so shocked with this injustice to happen to one of the citizens.

  If you feel for the guy, you want justice to be served, or you're bored and want a reason to protest against something, join Kyle in the fight against Best Buy Bullies.  "Like" the page on Facebook, picket with him, or simply stop supporting this company by buying electronics elsewhere.  After all, if Best Buy has the audacity to wrongfully accuse a customer for stealing without the proper evidence, while being unapologetic, wasting his time, money and energy, who knows what else they'll do in the future to other customers looking to simply buy headphones. 

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