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  This might come off as crazy that I'd even mention or defend Amanda Bynes, but tough shit- she's a young woman experimenting with her look and on the road to finding herself.  

  Yes, she's famous and richer than most of the people you've probably ever met in your life combined, and she always had this squeaky-clean image we all grew up to love and appreciate- but people change as they grow up.  Whether it be small changes, or huge leaps- still changes.  

- She smokes pot- who cares?  Most of you reading this probably have or do as well!  You don't smoke pot, you say?  Well, everyone has a vice- whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, impure thoughts of doing dirty things to inanimate objects, shopping, hoarding, excessive television watching, obsessing about celebrities, obsessing about your own vanity... need I go on?  You're not much better than her.

- She takes selfies of herself dressed up like a whore and posts them to social media. I'm sure you or someone you know has done just that- or behind closed doors.  If she's doing it as a desperate cry for attention, you sure as hell are as well.  Just because you're not famous, doesn't make you an exception.  Same shit.  

- She is rumored to be promiscuous.  If you believed every single rumor you've ever heard, you'd be living a life lacking truth and facts.  If there were ever rumors about you circulating (which I'm sure there were at one point), wouldn't you want people to just shut up and leave you alone?  Not everyone is strong enough to brush off the trash talk and move forward without feeling hurt.

  Whether she's a virgin, or slept with more people than Gene Simmons, how is that even your business?  If she wants to sleep around, that's her life- not your problem.  If she wants to join a convent and become a nun, same thing- none of your damn business.  The media makes me sick at times. 

- She writes crazy shit on twitter that makes her look bad.  How much information on twitter would any intelligent person take seriously? With trends like #replacesongtitleswithballs and #assnat (whatever the heck that means), there isn't much to take seriously on there.  It's just for entertainment.  Relax.  

  I had a tweet just last week where I went all Tourettes and just randomly said some of my fave swear words in one 140-character tweet just because I felt like it. I don't actually have Tourettes, but I'm sure if I were as famous as Amanda Bynes and I typed that out, there'd be rumors of some sort that I'm verbally abusive, on drugs, or worse.

-She's gone crazy.  If you were told by your PR team and manager to present yourself in a certain way to the public for years, wouldn't you just snap one day and rebel?  Oh, that's right.. you don't HAVE a PR team. lol my bad.  

  Anyone who is sitting there picking apart these celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, even Rihanna, you probably see a part of you in them that you aspire to be more like but you're too damn chicken shit to make any bold moves in your life that is granola.  Spice up your life by stepping outside of the box without caring what other conformists are thinking of you.  Conformists are nothing but sheep.  You wanna be lamb chops?  Didn't think so. 

  Have fun once in a while- do something awesome that you've never done before- see how your life changes for the better.  The transition period between granola to greatness is tough, but you'll get over it and you'll be a better person for it.  

  I normally don't care about Hollywood or the personal lives of celebrities, but this got really annoying that people are actually talking to me about Amanda Bynes like as if they used to be best friends until she went all Lady Gaga. She's just a human being living her life.  

  In conclusion: All that time you wasted judging other people's lives, famous or not, you could have spent it doing some awesomeness in your life, and actually enjoy yourself for once.  So shut up and live your own damn life.


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