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Kaiyzer - The Connection
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Kaiyzer is back at the number one spot this week on Jamsterdam Radio with "The Connection" featuring AceMirrorman and Paul Lipsey from recently released Kaiyzernomics mix tape. Kaiyzer and "The Connection" was voted the #1 track this week by Jamsterdam listeners. Take a listen to The Final Curtain Call Mix Tape Compilation for his slew of tracks and a free download.

Kaiyzer was recently interviewed by and was able to touch on some of his main inspirations and his past in the hip hop industry that has lead to the Kaiyzernomics mix tape.

“The main two people that are important to me in my career have been; a rapper called MC Holiday aka Gucci Man, he was like my mentor for years and along with my brother Paul Lipsey, who pushed me to the edge, always bringing the best out of me. Those are the main two people that have been there from day one for me.

Kaiyzer leads into his early influences. “All the west coast rappers from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Especially the homie, Tupac Shakur and the living legend from Texas, Scarface. East coast artists like KRS – ONE, Positive K, MC Lyte, The Legion, Rakim, The Third Villains and Technician The DJ from the Bronx, and Spectacular from Brooklyn, all of them for real.

The defining moments in my career have been the opportunities given to me by the labels that I was signed to, the great and not so great people that I have met throughout this journey. Most of all, the opportunities that God has given me to still be here on this planet, collaborating with all of these unique artists in what I think will be my greatest masterpiece to date…besides all the work that I have done with my brother Paul Lipsey. -

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