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  I got a tweet the other night from Jay who sent me a link to the latest blog regarding a Mr. Dickie Crayons who attempted to ask me out via radio.

  I gotta say, the awkward bathroom photo on the site- I'm not having it. A little creepy for some reason.  Guys- please stop with the awkward bathroom photos for social networking sites, etc.  Get a friend to take a proper photo of you.  Ladies- same thing applies to you.. and if you insist on the awkward bathroom photos, please, for the love of Obi-Wan Kenobi, try not to get the toilet in the background!!  Needed to get that out there... now I feel much better.

  Anyways, in response to Dickie's attempt to spark fireworks with this Jersey Girl: First off, just to get the record straight on my end- Jay and I never dated- we are just friends.  I wonder why you would you assume otherwise, Mr. Crayons? Sounded like you brought me up in the first place, then you turn around, wuss out and repeatedly say, "No- I can't hit on your ex-girlfriend!" I literally laughed out loud.  So no- I never dated anyone at that bar where we met in the fall besides my boyfriend at the time who I was standing next to.

   Also have to ask, Dickie Crayons: Why so shy?  You were on the radio?  What I expected to be a 30 second clip ended up taking 4 and a half minutes. You seemed like a confident, cocky little shit in person, so... what changed? Saying, "I can't- I can't.." is you telling the universe (or listeners in this case) that you can't meet your goal.  Manifest the things you want by telling yourself, "I can", and push yourself to take action! Most attractive accessory on a person is confidence.  You have the confidence, you chill out.  You chill out, then everything seems like a piece of cake.  Remember: I'm just a girl- not a golden phoenix.  Relax.

  Whatever that sound was that you were making when you were stating you'll be "off the hook in 2013".. I think it was along the lines of "Bazinga!" or "Schwing!" (I cannot remember now)- THAT was funny!  Get this Jersey Girl (or any girl for that matter) laughing while you're being yourself, she may be interested in what else you have to say.

  The place you mentioned you would take me on a date: What's a Torino's?  Isn't that a pizza joint in Hamilton?  How did you know I love pizza!  If they have thin crust and it's stone oven, you may have gained some brownie points!

 Yes- I probably still had a boyfriend during the day this episode was recorded back in what I'm assuming was December, considering the constant mention of a company Christmas party.  Now I am a free woman, and I know you were nervous, so I'll allow you to keep trying, if need be, until you get it right.  The grand gesture of trying to hit on a chick over the radio was very impressive, as most people probably wouldn't have the balls to do so.  Grand gestures are always welcome!

Conclusion:  Mr. Crayons, you get an "B-" for your efforts! :)

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kelso said...

Now that's funny. Make him work for it Jersey girl....