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  A few weeks back, my long time buddy, Martin, (aka "Polish Cheeks"), invited me to check out a Mississauga-based band called Bike Thiefs, who was playing a show in Toronto at a venue called Smiling Buddha on Feburary 7.  I have never heard of them before, and I'm all about new music, so I was pretty stoked to go!

Bike Thiefs L-R: Ryan Perry, Marko Woloshyn, Kris Pandeirada
  Turns out, Bike Thiefs was playing a show with a full line-up of other Mississauga-based bands, which I found interesting that we had to go downtown to see.  We arrived at the venue around 8:30pm, so we missed the first band, but the bands I did get to see really impressed me.  

  The first band we saw was called Pretty Odd- the band members all looked really young- like 19 or 20 years old, but their sound was very mature and they had their own awesome sound.  I wish the venue had better sound, as I couldn't hear much through the speakers at the back of the room, and I also wish I hadn't accidentally deleted the video I took of this band, for it was something worth sharing with my readers!  I'm following their Facebook fan page to find out when their upcoming shows are, so hopefully I can get some live footage of them.  They're an amazing live band- check them out!

  Next up, was a band called The After Hours, another awesome band I had the pleasure of seeing play live!   I remember going to the restroom in the basement of the venue while this band was up on stage and I could hear their set.  I found myself rocking out to their music while washing my hands!  Much respect for their well-developed musicianship!  Love their tunes!  As I'm typing this, I'm listening to their songs on Soundcloud and I cannot get enough of their sexualicious tune, "Sugar", which I'm pretty sure they played at Smiling Buddha.  

  Bike Thiefs took the stage and I had to make the choice between dancing to their set (which I really wanted to do), or video taping their set without shakiness.  I chose video taping their set and bobbing my head every so slightly.  These guys were wicked!  Again, I'm on Soundcloud, listening to their tunes as I type this and I definitely want to add these tracks to my spring/summer playlist!  Their tunes totally made me forget about the crappy snow storm outside the venue doors that night, and reminded me of songs I'd play on road trips in the summer.  I cannot believe these bands were in my city this whole time and I just found out about them!  I've apparently been living under a rock! 

  Final band that took the stage that night was Dystonia.  I was pretty shocked and pleased to hear how hard this band's sound was in comparison to the previous bands who shared the stage.  Just watching these guys, with their incredible stage energy made me feel like I just drank a matcha tea, which kicks any espresso you've ever had's ass!  They were very entertaining to watch along with their great tunes! 

  My rating of the night on a scale between 'Meh' to 'Dayum!':  I give each of these four bands a "Double-Dayum!"

  Tune into the Jamsterdam Top 10 every day at 10:00am and midnight EST to hear these Mississauga bands take over the countdown! 

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