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  Last fall, my sister went as an event photographer for Art Fusion, showed me the pictures she took and explained how her experience was "an amazing and artistic sensory overload" because there were so many artists performing at once.  No matter which way you turned, there was something going on.  She told me I had to attend the next event, for it's just too much awesome to miss out on.  

  To be honest, hearing that there were a million things going on at once sounded like a potential headache, but it was fascinating hearing about a room full of Southern Ontario's talented artists doing their thing!  I became pretty excited to see this in real life.

The next event happened to be last Saturday at a place called Daniels Spectrum in Toronto.  That night happened to follow one of the longest, busiest days I've had in a while, so I grabbed a matcha tea and toughed out my fatigue.  I'm so glad I did... the venue was packed with: live music, belly dancers, cultural dancers, a pole dancer, acrobats, dude with some trippy floating ball, jugglers, unicyclists, photographers and painters displaying their pieces, face painters, hula hooping, ribbon dancing, percussionists, fire dancers (well, we saw this outside after the party ended).. and the list goes on!  

  The founder of this event, Lisa Chessari, was running around throughout the night, making sure everything ran smoothly.  It looked like a tricky event to pull off, due to all that was going on, but she nailed it while making it look easy.  The trickiest part was probably co-ordinating the two band stages- there was always one band playing to keep the music going, and the musicians just randomly jam together but sound like they've rehearsed for years.  It was seamless.


In terms of favorite acts, I cannot really pick just one, because they were all equally talented in different ways, but I would say the percussionists set the mood for the rest of the night.  The initially separated crowd just became one big dancing, clapping cluster of people surrounding the percussionists and their dancers who took center stage (literally, this stage was in the center of the room).  I really felt the energy in the room get stronger after that. 

  There were food and drinks available priced at about $1.00-$5.00. I kept hearing how orgasmic the homemade crepes were.  Due to the fact I knew there was going to be beer at the venue, I ate before the event, but now I know to go there hungry!  Looks like the next event is on Saturday May 4, 2013.  I know I won't forget that date because that's Star Wars Day- May the fourth be with you.

  The name "Art Fusion" says it all!  The epitome of fusing the arts and stimulating the senses! Sight- everything was visually appealing.  Hearing- the live music!  Taste- The orgasmic crepes everyone was raving about!  Smell- when you smell sweat, you know it's a party!  Touch- It touched me to be at an event where everyone's dancing, having a blast!  Stoked for the next one in May!  

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