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  This week's inappropriate question is regarding Valentine's Day: aka "National Fight With Your Spouse Day".  

  The question "What are we doing for Valentine's Day?" is kind of rude.  It sounds as if the romantic gestures your man does for you the rest of the year don't count.  Very unappreciative.  If you're dating/married to a total douchebag, I completely understand.. but that's another topic for another day.  

  I know it's a month early, but I've already had convos with girls about what they want to do for V-day.  I thought this pointless Hallmark holiday had something to do with romantic surprises?  Yes, since it's not a "real" holiday where we get the day off, you'd have to book the day off from work in advance, but why do you like celebrating the day Saint Valentine was buried in Rome?  That just seems a bit morbid.  I guess it makes sense if you have high expectations of what's going to happen, what gifts you'll get and if your man doesn't deliver... then you flip out and bury your relationship.     

  If it's donned "the love day", what's the rest of the year?  Is this the only day that you show your significant other love?  Out of 365 days in the year (excluding leap years), you seriously concentrate your efforts on just one day?  Be smart- retailers take advantage of that, jack up the prices for things because they know consumers are idiots and would pay money on this one day just to impress their spouse (I hate that word- it sounds like a growth, like 'tumor').  All this just because consumers can't just go against the grain, be original and show love all year.

  It's no wonder this is the annual celebration people in the world (especially guys) dread- it's the day that chicks get really amped up and have all these high expectations for what their February 14th (usually,marked on the calender with red marker in the shape of a heart) should be. When they get disappointed, they start a fight with their man about how they don't feel appreciated enough.  

Diagram of a real heart.  Put it on a card.  Romantic.
  Guys: Bear in mind that "romantic" shouldn't mean "spend a tonne of money".  Try a one-on-one picnic in the park, or turn on some Otis Redding, taking your woman's hand and slow dance with her in the living room, or pick a flower from the garden and put it in her hair on a random day.  These seem heartfelt and should be appreciated (unless she's a totally materialistic bitch). 

  Ladies, don't get me wrong- I'm not trying to beat chicks down with my opinion, I myself am a chick too- I just prefer to show appreciation all year and receive it in return, so Valentine's Day is just another day to me besides the fact everything surrounding me in public is pink, red, and heart-shaped.  I just knew too many women in my day that have gotten really excited for this day, then felt extremely let down when they didn't get surprised with roses, some romantic getaway, diamonds, candy and a proposal.  

  My theory is that these high expectations and major let downs are the cause of premature fine lines and wrinkles.. you can fix them with acupuncture face lifts, but wouldn't you rather save your money for something you actually need to live, or a vacation?  

  Anyways, ladies- if you're really gung ho about celebrating Valentine's Day, that's your prerogative.  Just keep in mind that in return, you have to remember the holiday men look forward to which lands on March 14.  It's called Steak and BJ Day.  You can also mark this day on your calender with a red heart around it- to show your man you care just once a year.  It's only fair.  If you don't want to celebrate it, just wait and see how you feel when he throws a tantrum about you forgetting it.

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J.R. said...

Anything "Horadourable" goes a long way on Valentines Day. So guys need to stick it out figuratively and literally on this one day of the year. Picnics, walks in the park, flowers in the hair, foot massages, spoon feeding etc. is a prerequisite.

That Chick Krys said...

ahahaha that's such a wicked wombo! You're right, dude! Gotta keep the lady in your life happy all year round, but I guess if V-day is important, then pull out ALL the stops that day! :)