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  Welcome to the "The Inappropriate Question of the Week".

  My possible 2013 resolution is to present to you, on a weekly basis, questions that aren't relevant, reasons why and maybe an alternative question to ask.  

Inappropriate Question of the Week: 

"How many people have you slept with?"

Honestly, no one wins with this question.  If the numeric answer is too high, you're viewed as an automatic whore.  If the numeric answer is too low (as a guy), you may be looked at differently if you end up being less-than-stellar in the sack, which would probably make you feel as if someone just chopped your manhood in half.  Or if your number is low and you're exceptional in bed, you may be looked at as a liar and the chick you're dating ends up torturing you with her intense trust issues until you leave her.  It's just a pointless question unless you're her gynecologist, or you're his family doctor.

  You know if you ask it, you'd expect an answer. But be prepared if the other person asks you the same thing in return.  If you plan to lie, expect the other person to lie too.  Honesty is the best policy- treat others as you would like to be treated in return.

More Appropriate Alternative Questions:

"When was the last time you have had sex?", followed with, "When was the last time you got tested- complete with blood work?" 

These are more relevant because all you really should care about is if the person is healthy.

"What are your favorite sex positions and fetishes?" 

  You probably want to know this because if the other person ends up having completely ungodly fetishes such as having sex with dead baby animals, that would be your opportunity to go running for the hills without looking back.  Oh, and as for the 'positions' half of this, well, if all they like is missionary, you can then start a convo about other positions available. 

  It's the beginning of a new year and spring seems to be the season that a lot of mammals, including humans start mating if they're not already attached.  If this is you, please just do yourself a favor and do not ask this inappropriate question.  If you are asked this question, just send the curious kitten the link to this blog so you don't have to struggle to explain why it's inappropriate.  Don't worry- I got you covered! :D

Have a nice clean first week of 2013!! :)

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