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Walz Live at May Cafe
Thursday, December 27, 2012
Walz will be ranting live at May Cafe in Toronto on Saturday night, December 29th. May Cafe is located at 876 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Other performers on Saturday night include The Ruse, Bureau, Bingeninja and Big City Nights. Doors open at 8pm. Walz is expected to hit the stage around 10:30pm

Walz Rantz can be heard on Jamsterdam Radio on Monday's and Wednesday's at 6pm.

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Unknown said...

In regards to your Dec 31 2012 rant "2012 year in review..":

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Ps. Jamsterdam "Sadarji" is not a caste man..that's not the meaning you dumb fucking rednecks.

You know what the real problem with this world many uneducated, classless dumb shits giving there opinion.

That Chick Krys said...

@Steven Lang: You mean... giving "their" opinion... their. You have all the time in the world to put in your two cents while you don't like other people putting their opinions out there, yet you haven't learned to spell along the way.

Walz: Looks like you got yourself a stalker.

Steven Lang: Learn to spell, shut the fuck up and get a life. You're kind of pathetic.

Unknown said...

Instead of seeing the validity of what I am saying you pick out spelling errors?

Hmm this site is run by morons. Hell I'm going to throw out some sterotypes too, why not.

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How is the spelling?

Don't waste time responding because I will never check this site out again.

I'm going to go practice my spelling and work on not being pathetic, because obviously if Jersey Girl in Canada, who's daddy is also her grandpa thinks someone is pathetic...well it must be true. :)

That Chick Krys said...

So you're going to go and attack on people's mamas?

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J.R. said...

Steven Lang is hilarious!! Thanks for hitting up the site and winding up the troops!! you just don't understand what you are getting yourself into. You've have just drawn a target on your forehead! Don't think for a second that you can just casually stroll in here, speak some bullshit and then cowardly weasel yourself away! Defend yourself Steven Lang and do not be bitter because JerseyGirl in Canada exposed your youtube video to world wide web.

Steven Lang video below:

That Chick Krys said...

LOL- Jay- that freak out kid's name is Steven too!! bahahahaha It's HIM!! Walz has a celebrity stalker!! lol