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Trending Tweets: #LiesToldByGirls
Thursday, December 20, 2012
I was on Twitter just now, and #LiesToldByGirls is now trending.  Here are my takes on some of the top tweets:

1. "I have a Boyfriend" = "I'm not interested" 

    If a girl honestly has a boyfriend, this doesn't necessarily mean that she wouldn't be interested if she was single at the moment.  In cases where she wouldn't be interested, telling the guy that she has a boyfriend while actually having one is a great security blanket... or she could just say, "Sorry- not interested."  It sounds bitchy, but it gets to the point.     

2. "I like hanging with guys more than girls because its less drama." No, you are just a whore..

    It's the year 2012- guys and girls can be just friends- strictly platonic, no physical relationship, just friends.  Girls can be a big ball of drama at times.  I hear that if girls hang out often enough, their periods get synched up.. this means they PMS at the same time too.  Who the hell wants to deal with that?  Nothing wrong with having guy friends- as long as you have no intention of sleeping with any or all of them.  Otherwise, you are a whore. 

3. "Not wearing that much make up today"

     I'm guessing this is something girls say when posting photos online of themselves.  But really- who cares if you're wearing makeup or not?  You don't need to publicize it because I'm pretty sure whoever sees your pics could tell if you're wearing makeup or not.  

4. "I don't masturbate."

    Who the hell is even asking??  This reminds me of those times when girls say they "don't fart".  Usually when I hear girls say this, no one even asked them if they do in the first place

5. "I don't care that you talk to other girls."

    Seriously, ladies- you better not care if your man is talking to other chicks- you hang out with more guys than you do girls!  Don't be a hypocrite.

6. "I'll be ready in 5 minutes!!"

    Girls: Just skip saying this.  We have all done this.  It's easier on everyone if you just send him off to the beer store while you're getting ready rather than leading him to think you're almost ready.  Or start getting ready 4 hours before you leave so YOU can be the one to wait.

7. "I'm fine."

    I HATE this one.  This causes you to dig and ask more questions until she says what's actually going on in her head.  Just reply with, "Okay" and move on to another topic.  If she gets mad that you don't care what's wrong with her, just be like, "Why lie then?" 


8. "I have nothing to wear" when you got a whole wardrobe full of clothes.
    If she really hates all of her clothes, she should be able donate everything without batting an eyelash.  If you try to get her to donate her clothes without the intention of taking her shopping for a new wardrobe, she REALLY won't have anything to wear.

9. "Yeah, it's okay if you don't text me the whole weekend. Have fun."
    I had a housemate back in 2008 who expected her man to text her every 30 minutes while he was out for a guys night with his buddies, who flew out to Toronto from Thunder Bay- so he never got to see his boys much anyways.  I remember her saying, "I hope they're not at a strip club!"  Yes, my housemate was a controlling bitch. 

  Really- who cares what your partner does- as long as they have fun, they're faithful and come home to you.  So yes- you should wholeheartedly wish your boyfriend or girlfriend an awesome, text-free weekend.

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