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It never fails:  Every time I go to the gym, I end up wiping the equipment before and after my workout.  I sound like a major germaphobe, but I have my reasons.  

Back in the day, when I was "one of those" people who sold $1,800.00 Kirby vacuums door-to-door in the San Francisco Bay area, I was told that sweat has a 10% concentration of urine during my sales training.

Doing some research, I found that both sweat and urine have the same nitrogen-containing substance called urea, which is found in the urine of mammals (yes, human- you are indeed a mammal in case you forgot).  Every time you sweat, you're basically peeing a little through your pores.  This explains why you see some people who wear white shirts get those yellow stains on the armpits.  

Even some women don't wipe the machines!!  I can't wrap my head around this because my mother always told me, "A lady should always value tidiness, organization and cleanliness." 

Don't get me wrong- sweating is good to get all those toxins out of your body.. but to be rude and not wipe down the machines at the gym after you sweat all over them- 
you might as well just pull down your pants and piss all over them.  It's disgusting.    

If I see someone use a machine and just walk away and move on to the next machine, I automatically assume they probably don't shower after their workouts either.  Just plain dirty.

My boyfriend had a suggestion:  You know those kids that need to do community service for whatever the reason?  They should volunteer hours at the gym- they would walk around holding up big signs that say: "Be Kind: Wipe Down The Machines After Each Use!"  There are signs around the gym, but I'm sure these people don't see them because they're by the stations with the paper towels and that sanitizing spray.  These volunteers would have whistles around their necks for when someone doesn't wipe after use, attracting attention from the other members.  Both humiliating and annoying... maybe more annoying than anything but it's already annoying enough having to wipe down the seat pre-workout. 

Maybe this gym should have a sign on every machine with numbered instructions on how to properly use the equipment, including 5.) Walk to sanitizing station, grab a paper towel, spray it, walk back to machine and wipe everything you touched- especially the handles and the seat.

The fact I've seen numbered instructions on "How To Wash Your Hands" in public washrooms on the mirror makes me really question the human race. More about this topic another day.

Moral of this story: Be kind: wipe equipment at the gym after each use.  We don't pay for gym memberships to become part-time janitors, cleaning up after others.


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