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10 Anti-Crocs Commandments
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crocs are soooooooooo non. **shudders** I don't know what's worse:

1. Crocs on their own
2. Crocs with socks
3. Crocs with those Jazzy Jewelry things in the holes
4. Veggies (Crocs sans the holes)
5. Crocs on adults (because they would know better than that)
6. Crocs on children (that's when I give the look of disapproval to the parents for teaching them wrongdoings at a young age)
7. Crocs worn out; whether it be at the mall, or on a 5 hour flight
8. Crocs knock-offs (because, really.)
9. Crocs on hot guys (saw a pic of Jared Leto wearing them and I wasn't having it... kinda ruined the fantasy)
10. Crocs cell phone cases... because it's not bad enough some people slip their feet into them, we just have to go the extra mile with the mobile.

The 10 Anti-Crocs Commandments.   I don't care how many colors they come in to match your every mood or outfit- these are pointless and ugly- no matter who is wearing them. 


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