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Walz Weekly Thoughts
Saturday, November 10, 2012
A few thoughts from the week.

1. Day 48 of the NHL lockout and no talks scheduled? You fuckin serious?Why not schedule talks you arrogant hubris havin fuckers. Stop posturing and sit down and figure something out. To not have any talks scheduled is fuckin ridiculous

2. Why do we name hurricanes? why personalize devastation. So you know which one is about to fuck your house up? Just say a damn hurricane is coming. Easier to talk about hurricane Gus then just hurricane? It makes no sense to me.

3. In the NFL I wish there was something in place to change the primetime schedule if the teams are shit. Like 2 weeks before there is an ability to redo the schedule. I don't want to watch the fuckin Chiefs on primetime. Not yesterday, not next monday. Awful

4. Halloween stores have too much crap there and are sold out of the shit people want. The day before the store is still packed with stuff. how the hell do they turn a profit? Confuses me

5. It's Movember I don't really understand people doing it but not trying to raise money for prostate research or contribute anything to it. You look stupid as hell and you aren't even helping the cause? Child Please!

6. I was walking by the currency exchange store and they had 2 employees working. How much demand is there at yorkdale on a random friday to change currency that warrants more then 1 staff member? Foolish.

Thank you for your time. Now go have a drink and enjoy Saturday ladies and gents!

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