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Saturday, December 1, 2012
Now that Movember is finally over, this means a lot less creepy pedophile 'staches to see!! YAY! :)

Movember is the month where guys get an excuse to grow in their facial hair while raising awareness and money for men's health issues.  What can women do??  (Most) women don't have visible facial hair to grow in, so what can chicks do for the cause?

Conveniently, Hallowe'en a.k.a "The only day of the year where you have an excuse to dress like a hoe"  is the day before our beloved Movember starts... why not continue the festivities with "Hoe-vember"?  Most of these chicks would get hoed-up when going out to clubs, or just walking up to the corner store anyways, so why not attach good will to the trashy ensembles? 

Think about it: Girls who dress like hoes OBVIOUSLY want attention.  This would definitely grab the attention of everyone who either gets offended by the outfit choice or extremely turned on by it.  Dressing like a hoe in a cold month such as November (especially here in Canada) would grab even MORE attention... though December would be the month where a lot of chicks are sick in bed from pneumonia or feverish colds, but for a good cause- worth it, right?

"Hoe-vember" would just be about dressing like skanks- not actually being whores.  I'd hope girls can differentiate "Looking like a hoe" and "Acting like a prostitute, but for charity"

If you don't think this would be worth it, then how is it any more worth it wearing barely-there clothing plus sky-high heels (that you cannot walk in), standing outside in the cold, lined up for 30 minutes just to get into a club where your desperate cry for attention is muffled by all the other hoed-up chicks at the same club?

I really think it'd be a great idea!  Plus, with all the ugly facial hair guys are rocking for this month, I'm sure most of these guys aren't getting laid at all.  If their chicks are skanked-up for the cause, it might just inspire these men to clean up their 'staches a bit to make them look less "Creepy Pedophile" and more "Hot Lumberjack". 

What do YOU think?  Hoe-vember, or just leave it to the men to raise awareness?

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