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Jamsterdam's Top 5 Beauts of 2012
Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Its the Jamsterdam Radio Top 5 Beauties of 2012:

#5 - Sasha Grey: The Former Pornography actress turned Hollywood actress Sasha Grey is number 5 on the Jamsterdam top 5 beauts. Not only has she made the list for her skills in the sheets but for her superb un-porn-like acting skills on the set of Entourage as Vinny Chase's manipulative girlfriend.

#4 - Hannah Hooper: The vocalist and keyboarder of american rock band Grouplove grabs the number 4 spot. Who doesn't like a hot, hippie chick that likes to sing and rock out.

#3 - Emmanuelle Chriqui: How could Sloan from Entourage not possibly make the Jamsterdam top beauts of 2012. The 34 year old actress is not only a hottie but she's Canadian too!!

#2 - Emma Rossum: 25 year old Emma Rossum snags the number 2 spot with her role in the hit series "Shameless". On top of being an actress she is also a singer/songwriter. If only she would respond to one of my tweets...

#1 - Oona Chaplin: Spanish born granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin is the Jamsterdam top beaut of 2012. Oona caught our attention on the series Game Of Thrones as Talisa. Oona's first scene in Game of Thrones had her sawing off a mans leg, not exactly love at first site but it was the scenes that followed that earned her the deserving title of #1 Jamsterdam Beaut of 2012. Congrats Oona!
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