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Brett Lawrie Gets 4 Games
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Brett Lawrie receives a 4 game suspension today for losing his temper after two consecutive terrible calls from the umpire. The two pitches which appeared to be balls were incorrectly called strikes. Lawrie reacted in anger by throwing his helmet onto the ground with the helmet unluckily popping up and grazing umpire Bill Miller. Lawrie was ejected from the game and suspended for 4 games.See the video here. In Jamsterdam's opinion, a 4 game suspension is quite harsh for Lawrie who was reacting on emotion in a close game. Its unfortunate the thrown helmet slightly grazed the umpire but the two called strikes were two of the worst calls Jamsterdam Radio has ever seen. Bill Miller should be happy all that was thrown was a cup of beer. It could have been a mustard filled hot dog or a brick. The question really is would Bill Miller have called those balls strikes in Yankee Stadium?

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