"I really never thought of myself as unique. I'm just another soulja in the battle to inspire positivity to others." - Professor B. Check out our exclusive interview with the reggae rocker.

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Jamsterdam Radio wants your best live performance photo for our #RockThePhoto contest. Send it!

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We drop our Top 5 list for rappers to look out for in 2016. Listen for these artists coming to a speaker near you.

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Sunspinnaz rock hip hop flavors and electrifying grooves to create a blend of vivid, feel-good music. Coming from Montreal Quebec, Sunspinnaz is a brotherhood that came together to create a conceptual brand of sound. From short moments of bliss to the weight of the daily grind, their music echoes the highs and trials of the human experience, offering a mix of uplifting and pace setting anthems as well as introspective journeys of the soul.

Integrating elements of indie rock within the hip hop art form through live instruments and moody electronic riffs, the fusion provides an exotic alternative to today's soundscapes.

Sunspinnaz's music is about the best of times, the worst of times, and the moments in between. It's about going forward and taking the time to soak it in. It's about the process of living life to the fullest and strapping in for the ride. More importantly, it’s about remembering the things that make us.

Check out Sunspinnaz airing during Rap By Night daily 9pm-midnight EST.

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