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Hey readers!

Ottawa-based rock band, Lemon Cash won the title of Jamsterdam Radio's Track of the Month for October with their single Waiting On- that makes them the title holders twice within the span of 6 months!  I
Lemon Cash
had the opportunity to interview them as they gear up for the holidays and the upcoming EP release! Check out the interview below:


JGIC: Congrats on winning the Jamsterdam Radio Track of the Month twice this year! How does that feel knowing how responsive listeners have been to your music?

LC: Winning Track of the Month twice in one year- especially on a Toronto radio station- is pretty mind boggling! We're super ecstatic knowing that our music is attracting listeners and that they're enjoying it! We're overjoyed at the fact that we were able to get all these votes from our fans, it means a s*** load to us, and we couldn't be more thankful for this to happen twice in a year!

JGIC: What is your single Waiting On about?

LC: Our single Waiting On is a story of distrust and infidelity in a relationship between two people. It apprehends the unfaithfulness, lies and mistakes that tend to happen in relationships and how everything can pretty much turn sour in the aftermath. Dark, I know, but it’s just a story that I’m sure most people can relate to.
JGIC: I agree that most people can definitely relate to that! I saw somewhere online you guys are having an EP release coming up. When and where is it?

LC: We most definitely are! We've put so much time and effort recording with our great friend and producer James Robertson (Heritage Recording Studio) over the course of the year to get our songs to where we want them to be, and now that we have just about wrapped things up we will be throwing an EP release party in the new year (January 23, 2016) at Greenfield's Pub & Eatery in Barrhaven (Ottawa, Ontario). We are expecting 200+ people that night which means that this will be an extremely fun and important night for us. We are looking very forward to putting on an amazing show and we hope to continue getting better and better as a live band as we continue to push forward with our music.

JGIC: What is the name of the EP?

LC: Considering that this is our first EP, we've decided to self-title it the name of our band, Lemon Cash. I know... it's boring, but we wanted to really stamp our band name on people's foreheads (metaphorically speaking) and not have any confusions or questions as to what our band name is and who we are. Songs, band name, and a picture of the band name should be suffice for a first ever EP.

JGIC: Love it. Keeping it simple is a great way to go, for sure! At your EP release, will you strictly be playing tunes off the EP, or will you also play some new music that hasnt been recorded yet?

LC: We will absolutely be playing everything off of our EP and also some fresh new tracks that we've been whipping up in the workshop that no one has heard before. There is also a few covers that we seem to play fairly well that we might even consider putting in our set but that will be a surprise! We've already been working on some new material and getting things going to hopefully have another EP ready to go for the summer of 2016. We shall see what's in store for Lemon Cash in the New Year! And we are all looking really forward to another year of great opportunities!

JGIC: Coming to the close of 2015, looking back on the year, you guys have accomplished a lot so far, and you are just getting started. How do you feel?

LC: We've been granted so many huge opportunities so far and we just wanted to thank all the local and outside bands that reached out to us and offered us a chance to play with them on various venues. We've
Lemon Cash L-R: Cory Papineau, Zack Robillard, Jeff Armstrong, Stefano Provenzano, Jeff Papineau.
met some really great people, learned a lot of great things and we continue to grow and remain starving for continuous success as we continue on with our journey. Also we couldn't have done it without the help of our local radio station Live 88.5 FM (Ottawa) who continue to play all of our music and are always open to hear new material and play it as well. A big thanks, of course, to Jersey Girl & Jamsterdam Radio for giving us the chance to be heard across the Toronto scene. We appreciate everything you have done for us and we couldn't thank you enough for your support. It truly means so much to us! Also, a big thanks to James Robertson for putting up with our shenanigans but still able to master the soundboard and make our music sound big! Your help, your time and your vision couldn't be any more appreciated!

JGIC: Thank you guys for your time, sharing your great tunes, and letting us be part of your journey!  We look forward to hearing more from you. See you in 2016!

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