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Bronx rapper Kaiyzer is back at it again and this time it's HOT@MIDNIGHT. The track includes three emcees that hit their respective recording booths at midnight to record the track. Kaiyzer tells us how they came together to create Hot@Midnight:

"Phantastik and I were in NY and ILL Beast was in Florida and the night was hot. So we all went in and started to spit some fire on the mics at that time. The track was originally called Midnight by producer Doc One. When I signed up for his mailing list he sent me that track, and I've been sitting on it. This was due to timing with other artist's being occupied with their own things. Also, I was having some health issues and then last week a voice told me, it's time to record this record.

Since I go to Phantastik's home studio to record whenever I can. He heard the beat and jumped right on it. I was then thinking of a third emcee, someone that neither of us had worked with before. Then I remembered that i met another artist (ILL Beast) via my clothing sponsor RudeBoy who I thought was dope. Then I sent the track to him, he loved it and did his thing quickly.

Once we put it together, we sent it to Doc One for his approval and within 10 minutes he was like y'all killed the track. Then I was who can do a crazy cover and I was like my folk over at Idolized Graphic designs is nice on them covers and they came up with the cover you see here."

Hot@Midnight can be heard during Rap By Night airing nightly from 9pm-midnight and 2am-5am EST.

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