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Hey Everyone: Let's Promote Shitty Music!!
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
  So many are all about quantity- rather than quality- to the point where I question their values.

  Like... have you noticed how many shitty bands have a huge following- consisting of mainly friends and family- and that makes them look good to venues and events to draw in crowds, even though the venues have better options who actually have talent?? I know it's all business, but you're basically promoting shitty bands as well!! 

  This is the world we live in today... quantity over quality... "He's my friend, so I'll whore out his music, even though I know it's really shitty", is a common thought... like, doesn't anyone have any shame anymore??

  I won't even date a musician unless I think he's legitimately talented (regardless of genre) because otherwise it is embarrassing.  I love music- I support local talent.  I blog for Jamsterdam Radio, which supports indie artists.  I can't honestly date a shit musician and tell everyone, "Hey!  Check out my boyfriend's amazing tunes!"  That would kill any credibility I even have to recommend new music to others... I would never be trusted again.  

  I know this vent may read as a little too intense for the subject, but this is something that has bothered me for YEARS.  I guess since I'm not a musician, I wouldn't understand, but if I were, I'd rather have 5 people in the crowd who actually enjoy my shows, as opposed to 200 people in the crowd who can only enjoy the show if they're grinding their teeth, drunk, or on drugs.  

I dunno... people these days... call me old fashioned, but I say, if you choose quality over quantity, you're making your vote count towards radio stations everywhere eventually playing good music again.  

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