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Hey readers!

  New to the Jamsterdam Radio rotation is Toronto-based band, Polarity which consists of Jasmine on vox, Mike Smith on bass, Mike Sitana on guitar, Jason Swait on guitar, and Eric Zimmermann on drums/percussion.  I had the opportunity to do an interview via email with guitarist, Mike Sitana!  Check it out:

JGIC: What inspired you to get into music? 
MS: We all listen to music since we were young. We loved music so much we all began learning how to play and our love for playing music flourished. We can name numerous musical influences but we do not discriminate in music genres. All sound cool in their own way!
Polarity frontwoman, Jasmine. 

JGIC: How did you start? 
MS: Jason, Mike and I all played in a previous band before POLARITY and after that band died, we decided to form an entire new project and began looking for new members.  We met both Jasmine and Eric online ads and the rest as they say is History...                         

JGIC: How did you come up with the band name "POLARITY"? 
MS: A few days after Jasmine began jamming with us, she suggested the name POLARITY to us. At that time we had brainstormed through countless band names and somehow this name just stuck with us and it felt right. It also represented our growing sound at the time (the POLARITY between light and dark representing the dynamic of our heavy and light songs blended together).

JGICWhat are your top 3 fondest moments being an artist? 
MS: 1) Playing music to a live audience and feeling the rush of adrenaline as they bop and dance with you to your own tunes 2) Travelling to new places with your best friends 3) Writing something from scratch in your basement and eventually hearing it and seeing it grow and come together to form music

JGIC: What do you find is the toughest part of being an artist?
MS: Finances and security. You're always hustling and working hard non stop to create your own success. As long as you keep going, it will all pay off.

JGIC: Favorite bands?  
MS: Tool, Deftones, FlyLeaf, Periphery, NOFX, Rush, Clutch, Protest The Hero, Meshuggah, Circa Survive, Alexisonfire, Lamb Of God and A Perfect Circle.

JGIC: I have seen one too many musicians with jealous girlfriends because the stereotype about musicians is that chicks dig them, so of course, there would be potential for groupies hanging around them. If you are/were in relationships, how would you deal with groupies? 
MS: Depends on the musicians themselves. If we're already in committed loving relationships we just treat them like friends or acquaintances and nothing more. Eventually, they just get the idea we're not interested and we reassure our significant others that THEY'RE the only "groupie" for us. ;)

JGIC: If you could form a “dream tour” with any musicians of your choice, deceased or living, who would you choose? 
MS: Touring with The Beatles and Jimi tour with hologram musicians ever!

JGIC: Amen. Any shout outs? 
MS: We would love to give shoutouts to fellow local bands and friends of ours: IVS, Breached, Slyde, TROVE, Frenemy, Organ Thieves, Six Side Die, Overtime Heroes and The Rabid Hole.

JGIC: Anything else you would like to add?  
MS: Catch us live in Toronto for the first time in months on Friday, 

December 20th @ Lee's Palace as we will be celebrating Jasmine's birthday and playing a few never before heard tracks off our upcoming new album!

JGIC: Awesome!  Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Mike!

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