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Random Thoughts: The Twitter Edition!
Monday, September 9, 2013
Hey Readers!

Jersey Girl in Canada here!  I started tweeting my heart away a few minutes ago, when I realized that I could collect all of my ideas for tweets and just put them in one blog!  Behold- some are old, some new, some haven't even made their way to Twitter!:

  • Why do we finish text convos without saying "bye"?  Does that mean soon we will do the same over the phone? #badmanners 
  •  If u have a mental disorder, don't date someone who also has one. It won't necessarily be like "Silver Linings Playbook". #really
  • Guys: If you're a manwhore flirt, don't bother asking me out- you'll be wasting your time. #Icanseethruyourbullshit
  • Trust your gut instincts. If something doesn't feel right, run the other way. #wordsofwisdom #trustyourinstincts
  • Never tell someone how you feel if you're not ready to face the awkwardness. Be like a girlscout- be prepared. #wordsofwisdom
  • Guys w/ gfs need to NOT send single chicks suggestive messages AT ALL. One day, I may feel shameless enough to publicly put these assholes on blast!
  • Saying "Excuse you" and "You're welcome" are more commonly said when noone says " Excuse me" or "Thank you". #manners #entitlement #sadworld
  • Ladies: Empower each other- don't hate each other. No matter what city I'm in, chicks kiss their
    Women judging women: Your face will stay like this.
    teeth/give the death stare to strangers. #pointlessdrama
  • Never settle for less than what you want in a partner. Also, don't get nervous then overlook them. Chances are you will have regrets.
  • Serious question: is Instagram purely for half naked selfie "progress photos" & food? If so, I've been, & will continue, to use it wrong.
  • I saw someone's "DNA" on the bathroom floor at the gym. If u MUST fornicate in public, have the decency to clean up after urself! #gymsex
  • Holy.. bad boob job alert... next time ya getcha tires changed, hit up Dr. Garth Fisher in L.A., for Christ's sake. #fakelookinfakeboobs
  • In terms of talking about crying: It's spelled "bawl" your eyes out, not "ball" your eyes out. #thingsthatdrivemeupthewall

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