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Hey Readers!

  So, I've been using social networking sites since 2006- mainly for pointless fun, and as the years have passed, I notice how many people I follow on these sites are having kids and posting up at least 10 photos a 
day of their babies.  This used to annoy me until I realized that the people who don't have kids have their own things they like to constantly post about- things that they nurture, feed, and find to be most interesting and precious, that they love, like those are their babies.  Everyone, whether a parent, or not, shares their "babies" via social networking!

  Your baby could be your actual child, your undying love for your spouse and 800 pictures of your wedding day from different angles; stuff to do with your career, or promoting a business you're involved in; music, whether your own or your favorites; a hobby- like knitting stuff, or cooking; your favorite thing to do- like shopping, hitting the gym, traveling, bitching about life, bragging about how much money you've spent on useless things; or taking half (to almost)-naked duckface bathroom selfies with the toilet seat up in the background, along with inspiring quotes as the captions.  People get annoyed with statuses or pictures of those too- just anything in excess is annoying.  

  Either way, people posting these things consider them "their babies", since they constantly feel the need to share them!  Respect the fact they're doing their own thing, and if you don't like what you see, either delete the person, hide their posts, or ignore them.  You're doing your social networking thing, so can they.  Either "like" it and empower them, or don't bother saying anything at all.  Not really your business what others say or do.  You don't need to "friend" people on social networking sites that you have nothing in common with, and you wouldn't care to keep in touch with them or say "Hi" to them in real life.  

  Anyways, just wanted to share my Oprah "Ah-ha!" moment.  Nobody's perfect, I sure as hell am not- gotta work on bettering ourselves every day by living by the mantra "Live, and Let Live".  

Random thoughts- hope you're having a great day!


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