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Hey, sexy readers!

  The other week, I saw this post on Facebook about how some Bieber fan was jealous of Anne Frank. Without checking the validity of this, I shared it and went on a mini-rant:


"I don't even know if there were Backstreet Boys fans this far beyond psycho and idiotic.. she is one step away from wanting to skin Bieber alive, wear him like a coat, and still expect to be front row at his shows as she dies of jealousy of his microphone because it gets to be that close to him. Ignorant little turd, she is." - Me


  I find out afterwards that the post is fake, and it is from that website The Onion, which posts fake stories for entertainment value.  Afterwards, I felt like such an ignorant idiot by simply and rapidly expressing my strong dislike for something I'm not 100% sure is fact.  A new level of stupid.  

  Problem is, with or without social networking sites, people will sit there, absorb a mixture of fact and fiction, then share the stories with others.  I believe this childhood game was once called Broken Telephone.  Adults are still playing it without even knowing it, as they simply don't do research before sharing information.  It all starts out with someone either lying for entertainment value (like The Onion), or simply not cleaning their ears when told something.  

  Anyways, gossip should stop when you leave high school, better yet- middle school.  What do we honestly gain from gossiping about other people's lives?  Does it make us happier? Closer to our life goals? Richer? More superior?  Unless you're striving to become a gossip columnist like Perez Hilton, then I didn't think so.

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