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The Balance - Sonny's Night
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
The Balances new EP titled Sonny's Night grew on me like a brown hair follicle on my quickly greying beard

The tunes make you want to get up and jump out if your seat. "Are You Ready" starts off the EP with rocking riffs and lyrics that slap you across the face and have you asking for more.

I have previously been following these guys since their debut album and was able to witness The Balance fill up venues like the Hard Rock Cafe and Racks in Brampton. It's no surprise that they are bringing the fans the energy that they've waited for. "Cougars Are Back" is their debut single from the album. Check out the video below. The title of the track is self explanatory as it was likely inspired by their energy-filled live shows that bring out all sorts of animals. Cougars no exception.

I'm not too sure if "Ride the Rocket" is a song written about the Toronto Transit Commission or a night between the sheets. Whichever it may be, you have no choice but to bump your bodies, mosh or ride the waves of a crowd surf.

"Say Good Bye", the last track on the EP, is my personal favorite. Nostalgia strikes as memories of ex girlfriends, late nights, and the good times that were. Give this one a few listens and you'll be chanting along with the catchy chorus while suffering from a slight case of whiplash.

All in all Sonny's Night is their best yet as they get better with each album while not deviating too far away from their pop punk rock roots.

Pick up a copy of the album via iTunes HERE. You can catch their CD release party at El Mocambo on September 15th 2012. Purchase tickets HERE.

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